05 dicembre 2019

E Wyatt ha parole di elogio per la musica di Thou Sonic Friend, al debutto con Cinemateria per l'etichetta Barefoot: "Your music sounds beautifully spacious - scrive a Carolyn Goodwin - allowing light and silence to play along-side you all… The combination of voice and instruments is unique; a remarkable effect in itself… this is so good."

New member Carolyn Goodwin makes her debut release on Barefoot with Cinemateria, an LP release with her trio Thou Sonic Friend, featuring Goodwin (clarinet, bass clarinet, voice), Birgitte Lyregaard (vocals, percussion, objects) and Peter Tinning (guitar, effects). Cinemateria is a radical and profound musical response to the depravities and delights the members of Thou Sonic Friend see all around them, have encountered in art, or experienced through their imaginations, refracted through a kaleidosonic medium of their own creation. Considering the backgrounds of the musicians involved and their wide musical & cultural interests, as well as the collective and improvisational nature of their music-making, this could – reductively – be described as an eclectic work of jazz-based contemporary music. However, it’s much more style-, genre-, and artform-defying than that. The music is at times cartoonishly playful – incorporating all kinds of sounds, at others theatrically profound, and at still others movingly intimate, but it always disrupts one’s expectations and sense of music and of the world; making them new, as true art should.