19 dicembre 2019

Trame sonore dettate dagli stupefacenti intrecci del pizzo Shetland: una vera passione per Zeena Parkins, quasi un sogno ricorrente. Questa volta sfocia in Thinking in Stitches, titolo carpito a Gertrude Stein e condiviso nel lavoro con Ryan Sawyer e Ryan Ross Smith nel trio Green Dome.

Much of Zeena Parkins’s recent work has been concerned with musical interpretation of the intricate patterns found in lace, of which she is a collector and which represents a major and largely female-led art form that transcends national and cultural boundaries. Thinking In Stitches is her third approach to the Lace material, which she utilises in a Braxton-like manner, as a body of interlocking and complementary forms susceptible to almost infinite variation. Green Dome puts her harp in the context of a jazz trio, with Ryan Ross contributing piano and electronics and Ryan Sawyer percussion. The music draws on many more traditions however, with elements of electronica, art composition, rock and, more fleetingly, folk.

The trio covers a fair amount of ground, from the haunting and melancholic to animated post-industrial inter-locking themes. Each piece involves a degree of structure, the ins and outs of which are explored by all three individuals. And yet, even the tracks with more repetitive sections exhibit sufficient non-systematic elements. Parkins, Sawyer, and Smith remain so busy throughout that Thinking in Stitches frequently comes across with a bigger sound that one would expect, even from a group of this stature.