29 dicembre 2019

Tranne il lungo brano preso dal terzo volume di Guitar Trios (Parachute, 1977), ovvero l'intera facciata Peafowl, il resto è tutto inedito e viene da un nastro ritrovato solo di recente: è il concerto del 27 febbraio 1977 tenuto da Eugene Chadbourne con Duck Baker e Randy Hutton a Calgary (Canada), dove Chadbourne ancora risedeva prima di trasferirsi a New York, seguito da una sessione notturna registrata immediatamente dopo il concerto stesso (in parte riportata anche sul retrospettivo Outside, di Baker). Il documento si intitola semplicemente The Guitar Trio in Calgary 1977, ha un alto valore storico e se ne prende il giusto merito Emanem.

Scrive Duck Baker: "When in 1977, Eugene moved to New York, where he threw himself into the scene, and got involved with John Zorn. This association produced several further records on Parachute and other labels before Eugene moved away from the city a few years later. But I think many people don’t have a clear picture of how surefooted a musician and composer Chadbourne was before he moved to New York. He was barely 23 at the time of this recording and was usually the youngest cat in the room or on the stage for all the projects he was involved in. He also played a significant part in bringing together people from all over the continent; it was Eugene who spread the word about John Zorn when no one had heard of him, and connected him with musicians like Henry Kaiser, Bruce Ackley, Davey Williams, LaDonna Smith, and myself. Eugene’s ideas about composition were advanced and well formed in those early days. I remember him saying that the reason he wanted to work with charts and structures (a new idea to me for this music at that point) was to avoid the tendency of improvisers to find one way of playing together and keep falling back towards that; giving guidelines can actually help to open things up. The music here, especially on his originals, bears this out."