16 dicembre 2019

Un commosso ritratto di Hardy Fox (1945-2018) emerge da un recente scritto di Barry Walters, che nel titolo riprende quello dell'omaggio dedicato allo scomparso dall'amico Walter Robotka di Klanggalerie: The Godfather of Odd. Toccante in particolare la conclusione, riferita ai lavori pubblicati dal Nostro a proprio nome (!) dopo l'interruzione delle attività con i Residents: "After decades of artful evil clown vibes, Fox drops the mask entirely on his solo recordings, which eclipse the Residents’ fairy tale darkness with the utmost verisimilitude: mortality. Hazy and at times harrowing, they sound as though Fox is literally dying on them, which, of course, he was. Unlike eloquent, well-produced goodbye albums from David Bowie and Leonard Cohen, these records push beyond language because Fox’s tumor ultimately compromised his ability to communicate conventionally. That’s likely why 2018’s Rilla Contemplates Love is sung through a gorilla’s perspective. In struggling to journey beyond what it means to be human, Fox affirmed not only his finiteness, but also his transcendence."