20 gennaio 2020

E al Cafe Oto londinese è stato a far visita pochi giorni fa un altro gigante, a sorprendere tutti per forza e vitalità: Peter Brötzmann. La recente cancellazione di due concerti con Full Blast non ha molto a che fare con ragioni di salute o età, però dal suo sito web il Nostro avverte: "Friends, if you look at my agenda you will realize that it’s cooling down for the rest of the year and beginning of next year. This has two reasons:
1. During the last 5 years I was working hard and (especially the duo with Heather Leigh which will of course go on) I covered what there is to cover in Europe, the US, South America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand... naja, the usual circle, a lot of work for an old man.
2. Everybody knows that my lungs are damaged and that’s why the body needs some regeneration (but if you want me, I am ready...).
And one more little reason: I am still busy with ink and paper, boxes and objects, canvas and oil and there is so much in my little brain I want to try… need some time for that. I am sure you will understand and of course I am still alive."