29 gennaio 2020

Il compleanno di Wyatt è festeggiato anche con articolo e intervista pubblicati nel numero di marzo 2020 della rivista britannica Uncut, che già ne pubblica un estratto in anteprima: "Once Soft Machine took off, Wyatt was playing all the time, from UFO and Middle Earth to touring America with Jimi Hendrix. “Playing the gigs required such concentration, listening to each other and keeping it all flowing, that I’d hardly register where we were, exactly. Talking of places like UFO, I remember that us and Pink Floyd used to watch each other when we played the same venues, and there was just total mutual respect – you couldn’t be rivals when you were trying to do completely different things. I’m just grateful to the brilliant musicians I got to play for. Supporting Hendrix was very scary – if you’re in an aircraft hangar with 5,000 Texans in it, you’ve gotta fuckin’ get on with it and not stop until your half-hour is up. But it meant we came back to the UK really able to hit the ground running.”"