23 gennaio 2020

Le musiche geniali e avveniristiche di Raymond Scott nelle pubblicità della paleotelevisione commerciale dell'America di sessanta e passa anni fa: sono raccolte in The Jingle Workshop, prodotto in doppio cd e vinile da Modern Harmonic con il sottotitolo Midcentury Musical Miniatures 1951-1965. Un documento di grande valore. E un autentico spasso!

For over a decade Scott earned a solid living composing, arranging, and recording catchy ditties for Revlon, Delta Airlines, Stuckey's, Alka-Seltzer, Sprite, the Ford Motor Company, and other major sponsors. Hear Dorothy Collins, Mel Tormé, and dozens of unnamed session vocalists and musicians serenade you about beer, ice cream, gasoline, cigarettes, more beer, bread, shampoo, cars, mouthwash, and MORE beer. The Jingle Workshop collection includes finished spots, outtakes, rehearsals, alternates, demos, unused instrumental beds, studio chatter, and irresistible earworms about mid-20th century consumer goods. The styles range from cool jazz to percolating Latin, from lush orchestrations to piano & voice; the arrangements feature soloists, vocal duets, and group harmony. There's even some stray electronic works discovered after the release of the all-electronic compilation Manhattan Research Inc.