31 gennaio 2020

Wyatt ne sottolineò l'originalità già all'epoca della sua prima uscita, otto anni fa: "Witty, melancholy songs, arranged and performed with such careful skill and a natural unforced originality; David Garland and his friends have done it again!". Oggi torna disponibile con una nuova veste Conversations with the Cinnamon Skeleton, con il merito - tra i molti - di richiamare l'affettuoso ricordo della scomparsa Anne. Lo si ottiene tramite Bandcamp.

Conversations with the Cinnamon Skeleton makes use of its components the way a gallery shows its works: sounds, words, instruments and guest musicians each feature as distinct and respected pieces. Woven together, these varied parts form hued structural songs that refigure the experimental New York sound into songs that have a sleeves-up accessibility. Garland’s baritone is a compassionate guide that accompanies listeners through studied verses into addictive choruse. This confidence to combine the avant garde with everyday musical tactics reflects Garland’s engaged knowledge of both underground and aboveground music scenes.