26 febbraio 2020

Inizierà a maggio con il celebre The Litanies of Satan la serie di riedizioni in cd, vinile e digitale delle opere di Diamanda Galás, ora che ne è lei stessa la piena propretaria. A compimento dovrebbe giungere poco dopo anche un brano finora inedito, Deformation, probabilmente tratto da Das Fieberspital: “a march and delivery of maimed and infected soldiers to hospitals and industrial warehouses throughout Germany during and after the First World War. In the hospitals the maimed would receive experimental operations and the infected would be confined to protect the mental well-being and physical health of the citizens of the State.”

Diamanda Galás’ debut album The Litanies of Satan, originally released on Y Records in 1982, is reissued on the artist’s own Intravenal Sound Operations label in LP, CD and digital formats. The album has been meticulously remastered from the original Y Records analogue tapes by Diamanda and engineer Heba Kadry and features the original classic artwork of that release. Vinyl includes poster. This the first release in a new reissue campaign since Diamanda regained ownership and control of her entire catalogue in 2019.