08 febbraio 2020

MoonJune Music ricorda il compianto Elton Dean (1945-2006) nell'anniversario della scomparsa tornando alle prime pubblicazioni dell'etichetta a lui dedicate e offrendo per una cifra simbolica l'album The Unbelievable Truth registrato dal vivo nel 2005 con The Wrong Object. Scrive Leonardo Pavkovic: "14 years ago, February 8 2006, my dear friend Elton Dean, the legendary British saxophonist and long time friend since mid 80’s died in London. There would be no MoonJune without Elton. Our dreams were fulfilled in my apartment in June of 2000 when we started planning a sort of Soft Machine reunion. That’s how MoonJune started. We were able to invent Soft Works with Allan Holdsworth, Hugh Hopper and John Marshall, we continued as Soft Machine Legacy with John Etheridge taking the guitar slot after Allan’s departure, and that’s how I started my booking business, MoonJune Global Media which became years later MoonJune Music, and the first ever album on my label was Elton Dean’s collaboration with Mark Hewins, “Bar Torque”. Immediately after Elton’s death, I decided to release a live recording of the young and promising Belgian band The Wrong Object with Elton Dean as a special guest, they only played one show in Paris, and a tour of Benelux and France was being planned in the Spring of 2006, something that never happened. To celebrate the memory of this great man and immense musician, MoonJune is offering download of the album “The Unbelievable Truth” for $1 only."