29 febbraio 2020

Ottima selezione audio e video dalla lunga serie di concerti tenuti come trio di sole voci la scorsa primavera: Live and Unaccompanied di Rachel e Becky Unthank con Niopha Keegan, quinto capitolo della pregiata serie Diversions.

The Unthanks move on from their recent orchestral explorations by going back to what they know and do best - singing in unaccompanied harmony. Recorded live across a five week tour, these are not live versions of songs made for a studio album. Treating unaccompanied song as a performance art in storytelling that requires an audience, these are the definitive versions!

Tyneside sisters Rachel and Becky Unthank grew up singing songs, in weaving, unschooled vocal harmony, without accompaniment. They are joined by Unthanks member Niopha Keegan to make a vocal trio. The three have already established a band within a band in The Unthanks, with the success of haunting harmony signature pieces like Magpie, recently brought to wider attention by Mackenzie Crook’s beautifully poignant series, Detectorists, and also through live collaborations with legendary Irish trio, Voice Squad. On this record, they fully explore their rich and unique vocal combinations, with brand new material and arrangements.