27 febbraio 2020

Si amplia con Mortality la collana musicale intrecciata affettuosamente dai Garland padre e figlio, David e Kenji, in ricordo di Anne: Vulneraries.

"Mortality was recorded in the days immediately following the death of my wife (and Kenji’s mother) Anne Garland. During her last week, Anne’s gradual but unrelenting decline from lung cancer became even more precipitous. Kenji and I had spent the previous nine months doing whatever we could to mitigate Anne’s discomforts. There was a limit to how effective our efforts could be, but it was always a sort of dialog with Anne and her body, and all of us were constantly making adjustments for whatever benefit was possible. We didn’t experience Anne’s illness as a general state of being, but as a constantly changing moment of now in which the effort to help her was the focus. Anne became less responsive in her final week - which of course we didn’t know was her final week, until it was. She was less and less able to have a dialog with us about her condition, so, increasingly, all we could do was reach out to her with touch, love, and sound. During the last days it wasn’t clear how much did reach her, but we offered and tried. Sometimes I played guitar next to her. Wanting to provide some sense of serenity, I came up with the simple, stately sequence that has become the Mortality theme."