08 marzo 2020

E' dedicato alla moglie Kate il nuovo - e imperdibile, anche dal punto di vista storico - album di Mike Westbrook Love and Understanding: Citadel/​Room 315 Sweden '74, pubblicato per splendida iniziativa di Jon Griffiths per la sua etichetta My Only Desire Records. Nel cuore delle note raccolte da Daniel Spicer è Mike stesso a indicarne il motivo: "It's very much about our early days together. The whole piece is about falling in love". E Kate aggiunge: "While Mike was working at the piano, writing the piece now known as Love and Understanding, I was within earshot much of the time. I started to sing the words 'love and understanding' and that became the title. Citadel/Room 315 was written not long after our meeting and look where it led, 45 years later."