21 marzo 2020

Mike Westbrook, che oggi festeggia il suo ottantaquattresimo compleanno, commenta e descrive in dettaglio la scelta dei brani destinati al concerto - ahimé annullato, così come i due prossimi appuntamenti dell'Uncommon Orchestra - in programma al Pizza Express di Soho a Londra, in coppia con Jonathan Gee. Il bel testo, pubblicato al Westbrook Notice Board, conclude lasciando nell'aria una nota sospesa: "It is strange to have written a commentary on a concert that can’t take place. In the months ahead, and with the scene in lockdown, we’ll have recordings to listen to but what happens to live music? Perhaps musicians around the world will give ‘virtual’ concerts to keep us in good heart, or we’ll just have to describe what we would have played if the gig had not been cancelled."