26 marzo 2020

Nell'offerta radiofonica della londinese Resonance FM, ancor più intensa in questo disgraziato periodo, ha trovato spazio l'altro giorno un affettuoso ricordo di Carole FinerOne Finer Day, una selezione di quasi sette ore dal programma settimanale Sound Out che la musicista ha curato per anni per l'emittente, con grande varietà di temi e proposte di ascolto. Alcune puntate sono archiviate integralmente presso Mixcloud: da non perdere ad esempio è uno degli ultimi episodi, quello dello scorso 3 marzo, con ospite Dave Smith.

We are saddened to share news of the death last week of Carole Finer, who made the Sound Out series for Resonance for well over a decade. Sound Out reflected Carole's wide-ranging interest in - among other things - bluegrass and old timey music; the contemporary classical avant-garde (particularly the pool of performers around The Scratch Orchestra, of which she was a member); free improvisation; painting and fine art; and field recording. In the late nineteen sixties Carole was vividly involved in a unique cultural moment and more than most she retained throughout her life a spirit of enquiry that extended to embrace, encourage and inspire many younger artists in a variety of fields. A pivotal figure at Resonance FM, through Sound Out Carole celebrated the lives of her friends old and new, played and collected their music, attended their concerts and exhibitions, learned from them - and shared her discoveries with our audience.