27 marzo 2020

Non è affatto certo che il londinese Cafe Oto possa proseguire le attività, pur limitatissime e rigorosamente a porte chiuse, quali i concerti trasmessi in streaming la settimana scorsa. In attesa di tempi migliori ne rimane traccia preziosa negli archivi, a fianco di numerosi altri documenti audio e video di passate stagioni: "The past week has seen some incredible performances livestreamed from the empty space. Due to the lockdown we've had to put these on hold for the time being but you can rewatch or catch any that you missed right now in our archive. Thank you so much to our amazing staff for making these possible at such short notice and doing them with such style and quality! Thanks also to all the musicians who came out and responded to the situation with extraordinary performances. You have all made the past week more bearable."