28 marzo 2020

Tra l'ottobre e il novembre 1972 Steve Miller, Lol Coxhill e Laurie Allan gironzolarono allegramente per concerti in Belgio, Germania e Olanda con il nomignolo Greenaway Pils & Doom. Spulciando negli archivi dei fratelli Miller Aymeric Leroy ne ha ricostruito le mosse, all'incrocio delle traiettorie tardo-Delivery e proto-Hatfields, producendo uno splendido audiodiario di quasi quattro ore ora disponibile in Phil Miller-The Legacy: "Assembled from various cassettes in Steve Miller and his brother Phil's archives, here's a unique document of the European tour undertaken in October-November 1972 by the trio of Steve Miller, Lol Coxhill and Laurie Allan. Clocking in at nearly four hours in total, this is a unique chance to follow a creative trio as it reinvents itself nightly over the course of a tour, and an ideal listen for this unique time when we, unexpectedly and otherwise frustratingly, have a lot of time to do just that – listen. So, in anticipation of a better future, enjoy!"