23 aprile 2020

A mantenere caro il ricordo delle vicende Soft Heap, se ce ne fosse bisogno, ci pensa uno dei protagonisti stessi, Mark Hewins, ripescando tra audiocassette d'epoca due concerti del 1982 e riproponendoli tramite Bandcamp: "Body, mind and soul all become ridiculously stretched in the rarefied world of touring with a band. Every person who has ever been 'on the road' has fantastic stories to tell of outrageous happenings and weird occurrences that couldn't possibly be thought of by even the most skilled of storytellers. There are many stories associated with Soft Heap, a living branch of Soft Machine. Although I cannot (due to the obscenity and libel laws) relate many of the things we got up to, I can tell you it was fun." Con Hewins c'erano Elton Dean, John Greaves e Pip Pyle. A rigore, Soft Jemp.