20 aprile 2020

Doveva uscire in tutt'altra forma l'edizione di quest'anno, la decima, di Amplify, la serie di concerti che Jon Abbey di Erstwhile Records organizza a intermittenza in varie sedi internazionali fin dal 2001. Invece si trasferisce sul web, facendo di necessità virtù: "On March 12, 2020, as the world was increasingly forced into isolation, we began planning the online Amplify 2020: quarantine festival. On March 20, 2020, we began posting newly recorded pieces from sound artists around the world and we plan to continue to do so until the world situation has taken a decided turn for the better, no matter how long that may take. Here is a list of the pieces published so far along with direct links to send musicians money, in the hopes that this will make it easier for listeners to help musicians directly. Please use the Wetransfer links if you can as the Bandcamp ones cost us a few pennies each time." Tra i partecipanti della prima ora ci sono Will Guthrie, Mazen Kerbaj, Mike Cooper, Leo Okagawa, Vanessa Rossetto, David Grubbs, Jason Lescalleet, Lucio Capece, Keith Rowe, Burkhard Beins, Graham Lambkin, Sean Meehan e Taku Unami.