29 aprile 2020

Phil Howitt va a ripescare Him Through Me, il libro di Pamela Windo pubblicato in proprio qualche anno fa, e lo consiglia caldamente a nuovi lettori dal suo spazio web The Canterbury scene(zine) continued...: "This is not particularly a book for the nitpicking Canterbury purist, it is instead a compelling read which I raced through in less than 24 hours – its real framework is the ultimately tragic story of two interlinked individuals set against wider larger cultural references such as the moon landings, the deaths of the three J’s (Morrison, Joplin and Hendrix), the exit from Vietnam, the Silver Jubilee and the punk phenomenon, whilst quotes are pulled from various wider literary contexts to embellish the points made. Ultimately this is a riveting, refreshingly personal read, with so much to commend it. And an essential addition to your bookshelf."

Disse Pamela a suo tempo: "Him through Me is a portrait and a love story, set in the days when we “made love, not war.” It is a celebration of the energy and innocence of the late sixties and seventies, and, because he died too young, ends as an elegy. Though he was a minor player in the rock-star hierarchy, Gary lived life in a major key, and made an indelible impression on everyone he met. He was a hard taskmaster but a good husband and a caring and inspiring father. He had an unstoppable urge to teach and encourage, and was both a man of the times, and ahead of them."