10 aprile 2020

Un antidoto alla crisi. Prende il via oggi presso il WestbrookJazz Notice Board la pubblicazione di rari e inediti filmati che ritraggono Mike Westbrook con le varie formazioni della Band o dell'Orchestra avvicendatesi sotto la sua guida nel corso dei decenni: The WestbrookJazz Moving Picture Show.

In an attempt to fill the gap left by the cancellation of ‘live’ performances during the current crisis and to keep in touch with friends and supporters in many countries, we will be screening films from the WestbrookJazz archive. These will include films of concerts, theatre and TV shows and documentaries, many of them rarely, if ever made public before. From the Brass Band of the 1970s to the Uncommon Orchestra of the present day, Moving Pictures will build up a picture of the musical adventures and many configurations of the Westbrook Band over four decades. The first screening will be on Friday April 10th from 11.30am (U.K. time) on the WestbrookJazz Notice Board. Each new item will remain on the site indefinitely.