14 maggio 2020

A dieci anni dalla sua uscita per Temple Music, Jazz in Britain rimette in circolazione Playing the Band, la biografia di Jon Hiseman (1944-2018) scritta da Martyn Hanson. Per l'occasione vi aggiunge un capitolo successivo e inedito, Time on our Side, ora disponibile in pdf.

"It’s a personal journey through one of the most intriguing and fascinating periods in rock and pop history, telling in detail of the forces, the personalities, the triumphs and disappointments that make up a life spent at the centre of modern music… and all set against the background of how, in the second half of the 20th century, the British music industry reached dizzying heights… until the advent of new technology brought it back to earth with a bump! It is not just the story of a life in music; it is a tale of individualism, survival, friendships and rivalry, romance, brutal reality and the occasional insanity."