16 maggio 2020

Altrimenti si può partecipare al Coronavision Song Contest 2020 - la finale è stasera - e contare di vincerlo. Rappresentando l'Islanda, anche se l'Islanda ancora non lo sa. Il brano è Well, That Escalated Quickly, loro sono The Capybaras, naturalmente: Bing SelfishCaitlin Hogan e Ray Hogan. "Do you get a boner when you count your kroner / But you’ll become a loner when we get Corona"...

Yes. The Capybaras are back, and they're still a bit angry about stuff. The world has kindly provided sufficient fuel for this anger. The Capybaras are back, and they're still joyous. Richard DeDomenici has kindly provided The Coronavision Song Contest 2020 to frame this joy. The Capybaras have decided to represent Iceland, but nobody has told Iceland yet. Sorry, Iceland. Join us on the night for resistance to futility, and enjoy the first new Capybara release in a while, but also expose yourself to the joys of Wrench & Franks, Mic Czech, DJ Speedboat, Trio, Cherry Pick, Tesa en Ana, Tiago SIlva, jeez, there's a ton of stuff, and loads more.

Go to the FB page for more information on how to view the contest. You'll be able to vote on the night. The Capybaras recommend voting for the song you like the best. The Capybaras song, Well, That Escalated Quickly, will be released the day after the contest. Let's hope for a respectable mid-table result.