31 maggio 2020

Come da non perdere è il documentario Music in Progress-Mike Westbrook, jazz composer prodotto da Charles Mapleston per l'Arts Council of Great Britain e Malachite nel 1978, ora in visione nella rassegna The WestbrookJazz Moving Picture Show curata da Chris Topley presso il sito web dei Westbrook. Protagonista è la storica Brass Band di Mike, con Phil Minton, Kate Westbrook, Dave Chambers, Paul Rutherford e Trevor Tomkins; nel filmato si vedono in azione anche Nisar Ahmad Khan, Brian Godding, Roger Potter, Alan Jackson, Paul Nieman, Alan Sinclair, Alan Downie, Trevor Barber e David MacRae.

"Tender love", "The fields", "Piano link", "Wheels go round", "Lady Howard's coach" by Mike Westbrook; "Holborne suite" by A. Holborne, arr Paul Rutherford; "Wheel of fortune" by Mike Westbrook, Phil Minton, John Fox, sung by Phil Minton; "Bartlemy Fair" by Mike Westbrook, Peter Stark, Roger Savage, sung by Phil Minton; "Serpent maigre" (trad.), arr Dave Chambers; "God bless the child" by Arthur Herzog Jr, Billie Holiday, sung by Kate Westbrook; "Kanonen song" by Kurt Weill, Berthold Brecht, sung by Paul Rutherford, Kate Westbrook; "Wheels go round" by Mike Westbrook, Phil Minton, sung by Phil Minton; "I see thy form" by Mike Westbrook, William Blake, arr Adrian Mitchell, sung by Phil Minton; "Hot jamboree" (trad.), arr Mike Westbrook.