26 maggio 2020

Dopo la serie di ristampe di opere storiche (Onze danses pour combattre la migraine e Un peu de l'âme des bandits) e il disvelamento di un antico album all'epoca inspiegabilmente trascurato (Ex-Futur, presentato e reinterpretato invece con successo, sia in studio sia dal vivo) giunge finalmente alle stampe un lavoro completamente nuovo di Aksak Maboul, Figures. Ancora una volta singolare. Anzi, doppio.

The legendary experimental pop outfit returns with a brand-new record entitled Figures, written, conceived and produced over the last couple of years by Marc Hollander (founder of Aksak Maboul and of the Crammed label) and Véronique Vincent (former singer with The Honeymoon Killers). Figures is a double album containing 22 tracks and interludes, resulting from the flow of creative ideas which arose after a gap of over thirty years. Drawing again from the multiple sources which have always inspired the band (from electronic music and pop to experimentation, jazz, minimalism, contemporary classical etc), Aksak Maboul transcends and reconfigures them with its inimitable style, to create an impressive, rich and unclassifiable piece of work. Véronique Vincent and Marc Hollander wrote the album together, by following parallel courses with their own respective internal logic, while remaining closely connected. Enigmatic and finely chiseled, feeding on her love for painting and literature, Véronique’s texts form a dense fabric which mirrors the sonic kaleidoscope assembled by Marc, who wrote and arranged the music. Véronique also made the drawings and paintings which illustrate the cover and inserts.