13 maggio 2020

E grande impegno di cognizione e ricognizione attende Phil Howitt, responsabile di Facelift, ora che ha accettato da Jazz in Britain l'incarico di scrivere una biografia di Hugh Hopper: si chiamerà Dedicated To You But You Weren’t Listening-The musical journey of Hugh Hopper e sarà pronta probabilmente a fine anno prossimo. Con un piccolo aiuto dagli amici...

"So folks - this is the 'big project' I was talking about. I've been commissioned by Jazz in Britain to write a Hugh Hopper biography - tremendously excited about this. I'm currently trying to complete a discography, put together a timeframe, and crucially, contact musicians who worked with Hugh - I've got a huge list of people I'm hoping to communicate with as part of this and have already started... Anyone who can help, contribute, point me in the right direction, please post here or email me at philfacelift@yahoo.co.uk"