28 maggio 2020

Henry Kaiser dona un cd nuovo di zecca a conforto degli affezionati ascoltatori in quarantena e a sostegno degli indomiti eroi che si ostinano a diffondere nel mondo libero musiche di valore su disco, cd e supporto fisico, Wayside, Squidco e Downtown Music Gallery tra questi. Promuove la cosa con un video un po' allusivo e sornione su YT, mentre per i titoli cita due massime del celebre nonno: When Your Work Speaks For Itself, Don’t Interrupt (il brano) e Problems are Only Opportunities in Work Clothes (l'album).

Scrive Feigenbaum: "This release, consisting of one 50’ track entitled When Your Work Speaks For Itself, Don’t Interrupt and it is a live guitar solo on a baritone electric guitar. It’s in the style of the lovely, Terry Riley-inspired organ stuff that HK seems capable of inventing and exploring spontaneously just as Terry did! Henry is making this CD available to you via Wayside Music and other ‘friendly alternative physical distribution specialty shops’ that carry his releases as a ‘thank you’ to them (and also to you, the creative music consumers) for continuing to support physical music as a (still just barely) viable means of distribution. I was sincerely touched and honored by this recognition and you should be too! Enjoy!"