05 maggio 2020

In vista della pubblicazione del loro Side by Side - la data annunciata è il 17 settembre - Faber chiede a Robert Wyatt e Alfie Benge di indicare alcune canzoni preferite: le rispettive scelte, commentate, sono in Faber Radio e Spotify.

The legendary, innovative musician Robert Wyatt and artist and collaborator Alfie Benge have curated their favourite songs for Faber Radio. This September, we’re proud to publish Side by Side, the collected lyrics, poems, writings and drawings of one of the most enduring creative partnerships of the last half-century. As a founding member of influential English rock bands Soft Machine and Matching Mole and with a solo career that has lasted for over forty years, Wyatt’s music remains unclassifiably personal. Alfie Benge is a visual artist, songwriter and pioneering music manager, having managed Robert’s career for fifty years. She is also married to him. Since 1982 they have collaborated on many of Robert’s most well-known songs.