08 maggio 2020

Tra le sue passioni ci sono Beethoven, Stockhausen, HP Lovecraft, i personaggi della Marvel Comics, le moderne musiche da film e quelle dell'antica tradizione giapponese. Ed Chang è però noto anche per la sua conoscenza enciclopedica dell'opera di Allan Holdsworth (1946-2017), finora espressa in uno dei suoi blog più seguiti, A Thread of Lunacy, e ora in un poderoso volume dal titolo Devil Takes The Hindmost. La transizione dal web alla pagina scritta è stata suggerita dalla rampante Jazz in Britain, già responsabile pochi mesi fa dello studio di John Thurlow su Harry Beckett.

Scrive Chang nell'introduzione: "This book charts the musical journey - album by album - of ground-breaking jazz-rock guitarist Allan Holdsworth. Largely unknown to the general public, but revered internationally by fans and "stars" from the worlds of progressive rock and electric jazz, Holdsworth's work stands on a high summit, alongside the legacies of rock guitar luminaries such as Jimi Hendrix and Edward Van Halen. However, at this point in time, not a single published book has focused on Holdsworth's full career as a musical pioneer (although in recent years more and more university theses based on Allan's music have begun surfacing). This project aims to rectify that situation.
As an added reward, charting Allan's nearly 50-year career also provides an interesting vantage point from which to survey the development of some important strains of progressive rock, jazz and fusion music, not typically as well-known as the more popular hard-blues/heavy metal styles played on "classic rock" radio. However, the focus here will mainly be on how Allan Holdsworth developed his own unique sound world, starting from "off-kilter" '60s guitar-pop to an almost "modern symphonic" electric style in the 21st century- a style which will almost definitely remain vibrant and undated even going into the 22nd century."