02 maggio 2020

E' rinviato all'anno prossimo Time's Arrow, l'atteso concerto di Dave Stewart e Barbara Gaskin in programma a inizio agosto al Kings Place di Londra. Un rinvio ormai inevitabile, data la perdurante incertezza legata al coronavirus, ma che ugualmente dispiace: "Due to circumstances beyond our control we've had to reschedule our concert at Kings Place, London to Saturday July 31st 2021 - at present the venue is closed with no fixed reopening date, so given the current uncertainty we felt it was sensible to delay the event till next year. We're very sorry for the inconvenience, but look forward to seeing you all at a time when some semblance of normal life has returned."

Così ricollocato, l'appuntamento andrà a far parte delle iniziative per festeggiare nel 2021 i quarant'anni di attività della Premiata Coppia. Dice Barbara: "Strange days... we hope you're keeping well at this difficult time. No-one knows quite what happens next, but hopefully good sense will prevail and things will eventually settle down - as the lyrics to our old song go, 'We've survived this before'. For some of us, it's an opportunity to catch up with rainy-day projects and think about what beneficial changes might arise from the current situation - we're fortunate to be able to continue making music (though we've temporarily had to stop rehearsing), and Dave has been archiving his collection of old tapes and unearthed some musical nuggets which will no doubt find their way into our next batch of songs."