07 giugno 2020

Altra antologia prodotta di recente dalla Él con Cherry Red Records si concentra su John Cage, radunando in tre cd alcuni suoi lavori tra i più noti - Fontana Mix e Cartridge Music tra questi - e soprattutto il famigerato concerto del 15 maggio 1958, tenuto a New York nell'ambito delle iniziative promosse da Jasper Johns e Robert Rauschenberg per festeggiare i 25 anni di attività dell'amico compositore: John Cage Lollipops.

This edition combines two important large-scale performances, the indispensable 25-Year Retrospective Concert, which so admirably showcased the composer’s broad spectrum of interests (and the first recording to include audible audience disagreement since the riot at the premiere of Déserts by Edgard Varèse in Paris in 1954), with Indeterminacy: New Aspect of Form in Instrumental and Electronic Music, which finds Cage reading 90 short Zen-like stories, each punctuated by piano and tape interjections by his long-time musical collaborator, David Tudor.
These works are complemented by the original tape realisation of the Fontana Mix sound collage, assembled by the composer in Italy; Double Music, which explores the percussive qualities of metal; and the challenging Cartridge Music, a manipulation of phonograph cartridges, where, Cage warns, “all sounds, even those ordinarily thought to be undesirable, are accepted.”