18 giugno 2020

Di Keith Tippett scrivono in molti in questi giorni sulla stampa, sul web e nei gruppi di discussione, accompagnandone il ricordo con affetto e grande ammirazione: ad esempio Duncan Heining (All About Jazz), John Fordham (The Guardian), Martin Schray (The Free Jazz Collective), Tony Dudley-Evans (LondonJazz). Tra i musicisti a lui vicini è Paul Dunmall a pronunciare parole tra le più toccanti: "Keith was a totally outstanding pianist, musician and composer. I saw several of his solo concerts over the years and they were full of truly spiritual music from the soul and heart, which inspired and uplifted so many people. He was unique and irreplaceable; a soul who came to enrich us with his gift of music and has returned when this Earthly life came to an end. It’s a soul’s journey. Peace to you."