30 giugno 2020

Stuart Moxham e Louis Philippe danno finalmente alle stampe The Devil Laughs, frutto squisito di alcune sessioni di studio ad alto tasso emotivo realizzate a quattro mani nel 2013, con il decisivo apporto di Ken Brake e Danny Manners. La distanza anche temporale da Random Rules e The Huddle House non ha minimamente scalfito l'affinità di intenti e sentimenti dei due: "What brought us together originally brings us together again".

The Devil Laughs is as out of its time as Colossal Youth was - its subtle but immediate beauty, devoid of “rock”, is a recording best understood in the light of those obscure groundbreakers who inspired it - the faux barbershop vocals of Smile-era Beach Boys, the studio lustre of Tom Wilson’s work with Simon & Garfunkel, a dash of The Swingle Sisters and French chanson - along with enough hints of Young Marble Giant’s modernist folk abstraction to satisfy longtime fans. The Devil Laughs is a small masterpiece of pure expression.