25 luglio 2020

L'invito rivolto dai Residents ai propri fan non ha mancato di ottenere risposta, che è stata anzi immediata e travolgente. Sicché Die! Die! Die! è ora anche Dance! Dance! Dance!, grazie al montaggio di John Sanborn: “After working with The Residents on various projects for over 30 years, it’s clear that their proclivity for disruption and picking at the unhealed wounds of pop culture has not diminished one bit. After we collaborated on Bury My Bone they asked me to mash up the spectacularly disturbing video they created for Die! Die! Die! with submissions from their fans. When asking for user generated content there is usually a risk that what is offered will underwhelm, but Residents' fans are truly able and inspired, and passionate as hell. They took to the assignment with a clear purpose, mirroring the dark, brooding nature of the song, while celebrating its message: when something is rotten, it needs to die!”