15 luglio 2020

Una perdita che addolora molto chi ne conosceva l'umanità e il talento è quella di Ken Brake, figura chiave nella realizzazione degli album di Louis Philippe lungo il corso dell'intera carriera e in gran parte responsabile della riuscita acustica ed estetica dei lavori discografici di Jonathan Coe, Stuart Moxham, Louise Le May, con ruolo importante in alcune prove di Big Big Train e The Clientele, e l'apporto fondamentale a un capolavoro quale The Ocean Tango.

Ne è profondamente colpito Louis Philippe: "I can barely bring myself to write this. Ken Brake, my brother in music and so much else for more than twenty-five years, died the other day. When I think of him, the first word which comes to my mind is 'exquisite', in his tastes as in the way he sculpted sounds and, more importantly than anything else, in the way he treated others. The second is 'funny', as in split-your-sides funny. Oh, Ken, you devil... We worked on hundreds of songs, on my own projects, but also with Louise Le May, Jonathan Coe, The Clientele, and our other soul brother, Stuart Moxham. The last album we did together, The Devil Laughs, was also the first on which Ken contributed a tune of his own. He also sang the lead vocal on that song, Fighting To Lose, with Stuart and I providing the harmonies, the three of us united in music as we were and always will be in the kind of friendship which makes life worth living. I miss you so much, Ken, as much as I loved you. Goodbye, my beautiful friend."