18 agosto 2020

Chris Biscoe approda alfine alla piattaforma Bandcamp, soprattutto allo scopo di mantenere disponibili due suoi pregevoli omaggi a Eric Dolphy e Charles Mingus prodotti in passato, a lui assai cari ma da tempo di difficile reperibilità: Gone in the Air e Profiles of Mingus. A proposito del primo disse: "I read about Eric Dolphy before I heard his music. What I read, about a man radically extending the language of the saxophone while remaining in the jazz tradition, immediately attracted me, and predisposed me to like his music. I also read that Ornette Coleman was an iconoclast tearing jazz apart. What I didn't know, until I heard their records, was that Ornette Coleman's tunes and melodic improvisations would be immediately attractive to a relative newcomer to jazz, while some of Eric Dolphy's playing would sound to me like someone who had gone one step too far. Forty-something years later I still find Dolphy far from easy listening but impossible to ignore. Looking again at Eric Dolphy's recordings it is more evident than ever that the blues and pre-bop jazz were an essential part of the mix with natural sounds, classical music, and post-bop jazz that went to make up his unique sound." E del secondo: "The first Charles Mingus record I bought was Mingus Ah Um and it’s still my favourite. It has everything: gospel, blues and ballads, great passion and lyricism, as well as heartfelt and characteristically original tributes to Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Jelly Roll Morton and Lester Young, What strikes me now is that every track is a portrait of some sort, and we have used this as the theme of the recording."