17 agosto 2020

Kate Westbrook riprende il celebre episodio di Diana e Atteone dalle Metamorfosi di Ovidio e vi dà nuova ambientazione, in riva al mare, non lontano dai graniti di Dartmoor: un'intera serie col carboncino disegnata nei mesi dell'isolamento imposto dalla pandemia, contemporaneamente agli ultimi ritocchi a Earth Felt the Wound. "In the lockdown months, my love of charcoal has deepened. The medium is as old as art itself. A versatile drawing material, charcoal is made from willow that is burnt slowly. When worked on paper, it will smudge, stipple, make the finest of lines, and the crudest. When erased, the black/grey paper surface becomes almost luminous. The story of Diana and Actæon fascinates me and I have made many large oil paintings on the subject, as well as work in other media. Ovid’s tale describes the goddess Diana bathing in a woodland pool, Actæon the hunter spying on her, and the consequences. To explore the relationship between the nude figure and landscape, I have re-imagined this classic confrontation. My most recent version of the story brings the two protagonists to the open sea. These charcoal drawings have run in parallel to the release of my Granite Band album Earth Felt the Wound."