04 agosto 2020

E' il dossier che ancora mancava sull'impareggiabile Portsmouth Sinfonia, atto a riassumerne il credo estetico e a documentarne le memorabili scorribande nel corso degli anni Settanta: The World’s Worst-A Guide to the Portsmouth Sinfonia, curato da Christopher M. Reeves e Aaron Walker e pubblicato in sobria e magnifica veste da Soberscove Press. Così ne saluta l'uscita Benjamin Piekut: "Our contemporary political leaders appear to be rank amateurs, but the Portsmouth Sinfonia’s story proves that challenges to professionalism (the good kind) have been around for several decades. With every passing year, the ensemble feels further ahead of its time - not only in its solicitation of trained and untrained musicians or its fluent facility with the cultivated and the vernacular, but also in the visionary path it found for a post-Cagean music that went through art school in its post-conceptual phase. This incredible collection brings together historical documents - liner notes, programmes, flyers, letters - with the invaluable remembrances of several members of the Sinfonia. It should serve as a guiding inspiration for every future shambolic disaster born of love."