22 agosto 2020

Quattro splendidi album di Keith Tippett sobriamente raccolti in unico box a favore (anche) di nuovi ascoltatori: è un'iniziativa della FMR in omaggio al Musician Supreme.

Collecting four albums with late pianist Keith Tippett (1947- 2020): The Bern Concert, a 1993 live duo with Howard Riley; Linückea, a 2000 studio album with The Kreutzer String Quartet plus a narrated work; The Dartington Trio of Keith Tippett, Julie Tippetts & Paul Dunmall live in 2003; and the Dartington Trio Live at The Priory at the Southend International Jazz Festival. The set is presented as a box that slides into a sturdy cardboard outer jacket. Each cd is in a cardstock white sleeve. For those unfamiliar with the albums included in this set, it's a great value in acquainting oneself with a variety of settings that bring out a different aspects of Tippett's innovative approach to the piano.