30 settembre 2020

E c'è in distribuzione da ReR Megacorp ancora qualche copia del dvd Icepick to the Moon - da non confondere con l'album musicale con lo stesso titolo - in cui Skizz Cyzyk ricostruisce fatti e misfatti compiuti a suo tempo dall'ineffabile Reverend Fred Lane (cioè Timothy Reed) con The Raudelunas Pataphysical Revue

La presentazione di Cutler: "The Raudelunas Pataphysical Revue rates as one of the truly great productions of the 1970s, coming seemingly out of nowhere (in fact Tuscaloosa, Alabama), it was fully fledged, brilliantly competent, Dadaistic, funny - in a disturbingly ambiguous sort of way - and scarily musical in several languages: from Sinatra to pure noise. A bolt from the blue, completely original and right off the map - an unlikely coalescence of a whole group of dissident and talented artists who somehow gathered themselves into an active community, and made things happen - elaborate, complicated, ambitious things - with no hope of remuneration or popularity. And they weren’t messing about. Many of them went on to notable careers as artists, writers, composers and improvisers - like Davey Williams, Craig Nutt, La Donna Smith and Anne Le Baron, who all appear here. The film is centred on their front man, visual artist, writer and singer, the Reverend Fred Lane -  but spends most of its time following the actions and musical interventions of the early collective, with a lot of great documentation, photographs, footage and pictures that you’ll have to freeze-frame to study. And there’s concert footage, of course. A fascinating study of how, under the right conditions and in spite of a general disinterest real, enduring art gets made."