24 settembre 2020

Nella prefazione Jarvis Cocker avverte i lettori di prepararsi a decollare. Si può anche aggiungere che sarà molto difficile non commuoversi... Robert Wyatt & Alfie Benge: Side by Side

Side by Side presents the lyrics, poems, writings and drawings of innovative musician Robert Wyatt and his creative partner, English painter and songwriter Alfie Benge. Artist and collaborator Brian Eno said: ‘Whenever an aspiring musician asks me about songwriting I point them towards Robert and Alfie. Their work is so unusual, so perceptive, so playful and so grown-up… well, I don’t think there’s really anyone to compare. If you want songs that touch your mind as well as your heart, these are the best. Wide distribution of this book could improve the state of music dramatically.’ Published in hardback and beautiful limited edition, which includes four prints of Alfie’s artwork, this unique volume celebrates one of the most enduring creative partnerships of the last half-century.