17 settembre 2020

Chris Cutler contribuisce anche con sue note, precisazioni e riferimenti al testo di Luca Ferrari Glen Sweeney's Book Of Alchemies--The Life and Times of the Third Ear Band 1967-1973, pubblicato per November Books. Accompagna il volume un cd con i brani che a suo tempo avrebbero potuto costituire il terzo album del gruppo, The Dragon Wakes.

Scrive Cutler: "Giant Sun Trolley were legends in the earliest stirrings of what became the underground in London in late 1966, coming to full flower in the summer of 1967; doubly legendary because they never recorded anything. One of them, Glen Sweeney, went on to form the Third Ear Band and remained both deeply integrated into - and a spectre at the edges of - the experimental / psychedelic / pop explosion that followed - and whose reverberations still echo. Their first album, Alchemy, released for a dubious EMI, won them fans for life, and their soundtrack for Roman Polanski’s Macbeth - recorded with Paul Buckmaster in the band - made them famous. Then it was over. They now rate a passing mention in historic accounts, but hardly anyone knows anything more about them. But it’s worth knowing."