28 settembre 2020

L'intero catalogo This Heat, rivisto direttamente da Charles Hayward e Charles Bullen in occasione di un nuovo trasferimento dagli antichi nastri, è finalmente disponibile in digitale presso le principali piattaforme di streaming e downloading. In un articolo per l'americana Npr ('Understanding The Impossibly Far-Reaching Influence Of This Heat') Grayhson Haver Currin sottolinea la singolare coincidenza delle passate riedizioni - e di quella attuale - con cruciali fatti storici: "As with so many foundational cult favorites, This Heat's records have sometimes been hard to find, prompting a string of pointedly timely reissues. The band offered its catalog on CD in 1991, while the Gulf War erupted and the Soviet Union collapsed. It arrived again as the box set Out of Cold Storage in 2006, in part because Hayward was devastated it wasn't more accessible after 9/11 - nations had returned to war 'to keep freedom's flag flying', just like he predicted on 1981's Cenotaph. Then, in early 2016, months before the Brexit vote and the subsequent election of Donald Trump, Seattle's Light in the Attic Records repressed much of This Heat's oeuvre into a definitive new vinyl edition. Now, amid the casualties and doubts of a global pandemic and civic unrest in so many corners of the world, This Heat are finally putting their music on streaming services. "There's a weird inevitability to This Heat - it comes back at the times it needs to come back," says Hayward, from his home in London. "If we're going to be addressing the problems of the world through something that happened 40 years ago, now is another good time."