03 settembre 2020

L'ottetto di Alan Wakeman in due distinte sessioni prodotte per la BBC nel 1969 e nel 1979: The Octet Broadcasts, disponibili ufficialmente per la prima volta grazie a Gearbox Records. Di valore storico le registrazioni, e di gran lustro i nomi coinvolti: prima Alan Skidmore, Mike Osborne, Paul Rutherford, Paul Nieman, John Taylor, Lindsay Cooper (il bassista) e Paul Lytton, poi di nuovo Skidmore e Rutherford, Art Themen, Henry Lowther, Gordon Beck, Chris Lawrence e Nigel Morris.

Ricorda Wakeman nelle note di copertina: "Broadly speaking, it was an exciting time for the performing arts in the late 60s and 70s, when many different disciplines and styles intermingled happily in theatre, rock, classical music, film and jazz. Concerts would become events, with visual projections, costumes and more interactive elements for audiences to appreciate. A distinctive, freer style of jazz was emerging in Europe and I became hugely influenced during my sixth form years by being exposed to the thoughts and music and musicians associated with Mike Westbrook when he came to teach art at my school (an experience that must have put him off teaching for life)... I should add that I wrote all the music for both dates with the particular musicians who took part in mind: the Ellington concept of the musicians making the music."