09 settembre 2020

Nuovo singolo militante per Bad Dream Fancy Dress, in attesa dell'album completo Bionic rinviato al 2021: Summer Rising, schieratissimo contro Trump, citando Hendrix, Prince, Billie Holiday e Martin Luther King al cospetto delle emergenze globali più drammatiche del nostro tempo.

Summer Rising is the new single from Bad Dream Fancy Dress and captures the Zeitgeist of a summer of turmoil and upheaval that has shaken the planet, from Covid 19, extreme weather and climate change, to the killing of George Floyd in the United States. It's become clear that Democracy and the rule of law is under threat from ever extreme right wing autocratic leaders who seek to spread fear and lies, in order to control and divide. The world hangs in the balance as the election looms in the United States that will dominate the world for the next ten years. It's time to choose a side and Bad Dream Fancy Dress hold back no punches in this powerful guitar driven protest song. With clear reference to some of the Great Black Musicians and artists who have influence their music and creative output, Bad Dream Fancy Dress are back on form and firing on all six.