11 ottobre 2020


Con l'integrale di Platterback a Poznań (Polonia) nel 1999 giunge a quota trenta episodi l'impagabile serie The WestbrookJazz Moving Picture Show, concepita in modo organico da Mike e Kate Westbrook attingendo a un vasto archivio di documenti video di ogni epoca e di disparata origine, articolata in pubblicazioni online curate a cadenza settimanale da Chris Topley.

Jane Mann riporta qualche osservazione dello stesso Mike in proposito, scrivendone per London Jazz: "I spoke to Mike Westbrook last week at home in Devon. He is in the enviable position of having access to many years of footage of live shows, TV appearances and festival gigs in Germany, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Slovenia and Switzerland, among others, and of course, Britain. He told me he was often presented with a VHS tape after a TV appearance and said: “We were lucky to go through an era when jazz was much more featured in mainstream media.” There is a fantastic array of films to watch on the Westbrook Jazz Moving Picture Show with useful and thoughtful notes for each one. New pieces are posted weekly and are left up to watch whenever you feel like it. Westbrook says he treats the Moving Picture Show like a composition – some pieces are three minutes long, others an hour – how do you sequence such a disparate set of pieces? There are 30 films posted so far – and there are plenty more to come. He says that the process of choosing from the back catalogue, and making new films to old recordings, in which Kate and Mike work closely with friend and webmaster Chris Topley, is extremely rewarding. There are new films planned too. “This is helping us through this lockdown, and we hope it is helping others...”