28 ottobre 2020


Dopo numerose presentazioni in concerto - all'epoca in cui i concerti si potevano ancora effettuare - sta per vedere la luce in via ufficiale A Love Supreme Electric, l'atteso documento che testimonia il legame, fortemente sostenuto da Henry Kaiser, tra due capolavori storici di John Coltrane, A Love Supreme e Meditations. Kaiser ne parla in un video di introduzione e ne scrive nelle note di copertina del doppio cd in uscita per Cuneiform Records: "I had known that Coltrane intended his Meditations suite to be a spiritual sequel to his A Love Supreme suite, thus it was natural to suggest that with our A Love Supreme Electric gigs, we often play Meditations as the second set. After having done this more than a few times, I would note that... the two suites really do fit together to actually be one 2-part suite, where all the individual sections inform, deepen, cross-reference, and expand on one another, in both the musical and spiritual domains."