12 ottobre 2020


Giunge a compimento a giorni, con perfetto tempismo, una doppia iniziativa a favore di Barbara Thompson: una raccolta antologica in 14 cd di sue apparizioni radiofoniche con varie formazioni tra il 1969 e il 1990, Live At The BBC, per Repertoire Records, e la pubblicazione del corposo volume autobiografico Journey To A Destination Unknown, per Jazz in Britain. A proposito di quest'ultimo: "This is the story of a life’s journey to a destination, not only unknown, but wildly unexpected – filled with excitement, achievement and love, but also pain and struggle. Barbara Thompson, the daughter of an eminent lawyer, was born with a restless creative urge that her conventional education in music could not satisfy. It was when she discovered jazz that she found the freedom she had been seeking. But for a woman, the almost entirely male world of the jazz musician was a dangerous and frustrating place. It was hard at times, but, almost from the beginning, there was one person who totally believed in her. Together, she and drummer and bandleader Jon Hiseman, created their own, wide-ranging world of music. Throughout Europe their names alone were enough to fill any concert hall. But at the height of their careers, Barbara was struck by Parkinson’s disease and another struggle began."