07 ottobre 2020


Ottima occasione per studiare da vicino una composizione di Christian Wolff, Play (1968), e cimentarsi con le sue sfide esecutive affidandosi alla guida esperta dell'eccellente Langham Research Centre: è un laboratorio online - vi si partecipa via Zoom - articolato in due momenti teorico-pratici, oggi e mercoledì prossimo, a conclusione della vivace edizione 2020 di Nonclassical Academy.

This virtual workshop focuses on Play, a text score by the American experimental composer Christian Wolff, part of the Prose Pieces collection composed in 1968. Wolff was associated with the so-called New York School of composers, centred around John Cage in the 1950s. They were described as composers who were "getting rid of the glue": they weren't interested in conventional musical continuity, composing instead in a way that created musical situations where "sounds would be themselves" rather than having a structural relationship to other sounds. This approach has been inspirational to Langham Research Centre's own music, who have performed this piece numerous times, from the outset in consultation with Christian Wolff. You'll learn about aspects of Christian Wolff's music, and techniques for dealing with the challenges that his music and scores present. The workshop culminates in one or more group performances of the piece during the second workshop.