10 ottobre 2020


Si arricchisce di due perle francesi la preziosa serie Flicks di film musicati - anche dal vivo - dall'eccellente Delta Saxophone QuartetLe ballon rouge (Albert Lamorisse, 1956) e C'etait un rendez vous (Claude Lelouch, 1976). Magnifique!

Project Flicks started out in 2018 as an opportunity for the quartet to commission and perform four dynamic new scores to accompany a variety of films, some pre-existent and others created for this unique programme. These films explored the early years (1913) of silent black and white movies, the American response to the ‘cold war’ and its own careless nuclear experiments, through the charming 1950’s streets of Paris via the adventures of a the young boy Pascal and his loyal red balloon, through to the animated lives of an Australian trio of Brian (The budgie), Banksy (The dog) and Hope (the boy).

Project Flicks, with the support of Arts Council England, has reached out to the general public way beyond the usual performance spaces, having been presented in villages halls, public houses, schools and arts centres around the UK throughout 2019 charming audiences from all ages from 5 to 95! Project Flicks has created its own momentum and is expanding its repertoire of new films and vibrant scores for this next decade of 2020. Prepare to be charmed, sometimes alarmed, yet inthralled by this eclectic combination of film music gems.